Welcome to Hygiene Now!

Jen MacDonald, BA, RDH.

Jen MacDonald is a Registered Dental Hygienist and has been practicing full time for over 10 years. She graduated from Algonquin College where she completed the dental hygiene program in 2000. She is authorized by the College of Dental Hygienist to self-initiate. Prior to this she earned her undergraduate degree from Carleton University. Before opening her business she worked full time in Kemptville and the surrounding area. She looks forward to meeting with former clients and is welcoming new clients to her clinic.

In September 2007, Bill 181 was passed. This was a milestone for the profession of dental hygiene. This allows dental hygienists to practice independently from dentists. Dental hygiene services are provided in a relaxed, modern environment without the noises and distractions typically associated with a more traditional dental office setting. Another key difference between Hygiene Now and a typical dental office are the fees. Here the prices reflect those found in the Ontario Dental Hygiene Fee Guide, which typically are 20 to 50% less then Ontario Dental Fee Guide. Most dental insurance plans are accepted.

"I am proud to offer the residents of Kemptville and North Grenville the first independent dental hygiene clinic."